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Document Imaging Solutions provides solutions to the Document Storage and sorting problems that many companies are faced with today. It is a company comprised of people that have diverse backgrounds in management, franchise, technology, banking, and real estate, but most of all... problem solving!

Before Document Imaging Solutions ever started, years of experience and research were compiled to address the problems in document imaging and seek solutions to these problems. The following lists some of the immediate problems and how we've addressed them!

Document storage was too expensive!

Documents that were "closed files" needed to be kept (by law) from 3 to 7 years. This meant that you either had to rent off-site storage (which made it difficult to retrieve those files when needed), or have many filing cabinets to store files (costing valuable rent space).

By scanning documents into a computer, file storage is basically eliminated! Right now you can put more than 125,000 documents on one CD

With Document Imaging Solutions' wide array of scanner systems (all with automatic document feeders), you can scan up to 57 pages per minute. The faster the system, the more the initial investment. Your work flow should determine what system works best for you. Our systems range in price from $695 all the way up to $8,950 and leasing options are available.

Xerox Copies seem to multiply as others need copies faxed or mailed to them.

Retrieving documents takes too much time!

Depending on how recent the file you are looking for, or what information you had to start your search, retrieving documents could take anywhere from 5 minutes to the whole day... or in some circumstances, never being able to find the file because it wasn't put back where it was supposed to be!

Amount spent on postage and overnight delivery of documents is enormous!

Companies need to be on an "immediate delivery" setup to compete in today's business. Documents quite often can be faxed (losing some of the quality while increasing your paper costs). But how much more professional and efficient would your business be if you could not only e-mail those same documents, but also brochures, and even color pictures - and have them there immediately. A very small percentage of your marketing cost could send out hundreds of brochures and never have any printing or postage cost.

Filed documents could only be looked up one way!

Whether filed by last name, address, salesman, or any other filing system used, you had to look up files the way they were filed. With Document Imaging Solutions file storage system, you can look up documents hundreds of different ways, even if you do not know the exact spelling.

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